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May 20th, 2009 browsing by day


Decisions, decisions…

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

How do you decide what to read next? Is it completely on impulse, systematic, or somewhere in between? Do you have a physical location for the books you are planning to read within the next X amount of time? What, if any, circumstances bump a book straight to the top of the pile?

I try to complete series if I enjoy the first installment; beyond that, I’m making a conscious effort to read new books rather than consistently re-reading books I’ve read once before but want to revisit, or old favorites (particularly if they’re series and require a commitment of more time than a standalone novel). If someone I know or a community I’m part of is planning to read something, that can influence my choices, but primarily, it’s mood-based.

What are the next three books on your list, if you have one, and why are you planning to read them? Recommendations, longstanding promises to yourself, library due dates?