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Overheard at the pool

Written by Kirsten on May 26th, 2009

While on our mini-vacation, we were lounging by the pool and I noticed that a gentleman a couple of chairs away had a Kindle, and was talking books with his companions. The authors and titles were more my partner’s speed (James Patterson’s Cross novels, Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series), but I was itching to jump in: “Are you on LibraryThing? Have you read this series? What did you think of that book? Can I play with your Kindle for a minute??” It was all I could do to keep my trap shut and my nose in my own book.

Do you start random conversations with other readers? Only at bookstores and libraries? Any time you see someone carrying a book you’ve read?


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  1. I almost never start conversations with others (unless you count when I worked at the bookstore, but I got paid for it then!), but I’ve had it happen to me. I remember when I was living in So. Cal. I was sitting in my favorite Mexican restaurant, rereading a Stephanie Plum novel and the people at the table next to me started talking about it. Asked me a few questions and gave me some recommendations. It’s happened a few other times too, mostly at casual restaurants and cafes, since if I’m eating alone, I’m reading!

  2. Firstly just wanted to say I love your blog, some great posts so far! With reference to this post I don’t think I often start conversations with people in RL about books (apart from my lovely OH who has no choice but to listen!) I just save them up for all the online groups I am in lol!

  3. Kirsten says:

    Bib, you must have “that kind of face,” *grin* I’d love it if more people would start bookish conversations with me! I’ve found that it happens less and less often, now that my reading in public is generally on my iPod; people probably think I’m some self-important business-y type, checking my oh-so-critical e-mail, when really, I’m devouring Oliver Twist!
    Welcome, thelibrarynook, and thanks for the compliment! Yes, there are so many groups online full of people who won’t think I’m crazy for starting conversations about books that I should probably have an easier time restraining myself. Though self-restraint has always been a wee bit of a challenge for me… :)

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