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Deja vu all over again?

Written by Kirsten on January 11th, 2010

Yes folks, I dropped the ball again – and again it was due to a series of huge changes in my life. I’ve kind of come to the point where I’ve thrown it out to the universe and said, “I get it, you’re bigger than me, you win!” and am letting things happen instead of trying to make things happen… And it’s actually working quite nicely so far.

I’ve recently moved *back* into the apartment I lived in until October – 34 boxes of books alone! – and am attempting, once again, to settle into a “new” environment. Thankfully, I have two lovely new roommates, and have had the support of my best friends and my incredible girlfriend throughout it all.

I missed my 75 book goal by five books in 2009. I also had probably four months where I was barely reading at all, so I’m not too disappointed, really. I participated in my first readathon, which will definitely be a regular event, read some books that were completely outside of my typical genres, and maintained my 4.0 (though I did get an Incomplete for one class, which thankfully doesn’t appear to have affected my cumulative/overall GPA; I’d have taken the class anyway, so I guess no harm done but the cost).

My goal for the start of 2010, as it relates to books and reading, is not to sweat it. I felt guilty every time I looked at the bookmark for this page, every time I received a notification that another spam comment had been left, every time I didn’t unpack a box of books. I don’t need to feel guilty – this is supposed to be FUN! It’s a HOBBY! It makes me HAPPY! So being miserable about it is simply out of the question.

I’m going to get back to work on the unpacking and LibraryThing tagging/collectioning my books, separating the titles I still own from the titles my ex now has and asking the LT staff to divide our accounts, and cleaning up my library, both physical and online, in general. In the meantime, I’m re-reading Sarah Waters’s Tipping the Velvet, which I loaned to my butch and she returned to me when I saw her at the beginning of December. I’ve not read Waters in some time (or maybe it just feels that way – did I read Fingersmith in 2009??? I may have), and I wanted something comforting, but am not ready for my HP series read yet – primarily because I no longer own the entire series. Le sigh.

ANYWAY – there’s my story, what’s yours? Whatcha got good going on in your bloggish world, your readerish world, your bookish world?


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