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Literary ADD

Written by Kirsten on November 6th, 2010

Even when I’m reading a book I love, whether it’s an old favorite or a new book that has me engrossed, I occasionally find myself sidetracked and longing to read something different. Sometimes a glowing review, a gushing recommendation, or a movie tie-in or other multi-media reference will find me wanting to “cheat on” my primary read. Once upon a time, I’d have four or five books going at a time and think nothing of it, but of late, my reading time has been drastically cut, and so I’ve tried to keep it down to one or two.

How do you decide what to read when you’re pulled in multiple directions? Do you assign them various locations (I’ll read you at home, you on the commute, you before bed)? Do you soldier on through a single book at a time and make yourself wait to pick up the one that’s calling to you because of an impulse?


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