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Asperger’s and reading

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

There were a few factors that weighed in when I was deciding whether or not to return to Maine. One that has remained is my need to be a part of my youngest brother’s life. He’s 12, will be 13 in December, and he has Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s only one of several challenges he faces,  and it’s one about which I know very little right now. I intend to read Temple Grandin, as I’ve heard that she is an incredible resource and powerful advocate for Aspies, but I’m hoping to find some local community, as well, or at least some online forum for support and advice. My brother is 100% tuned in to video games, has no interest in anything that doesn’t show up on a TV screen or monitor, has significant trouble communicating verbally, and refuses to eat vegetables. (Or potatoes – the kid is Irish. WTF?) I’m hoping to work on “unplugging” him via graphic novels based on the same stories as video games he loves, but haven’t yet had much luck (though I give major props to the guys at Coast City Comics – they were extremely supportive and helpful and showed me that generous and caring people do still exist in this world – if you live in Portland and ever want something they can get for you, please purchase it there – it’s a great shop with amazing staff.)

Do you know of a great resource for parents, guardians, supporters of kids with Asperger’s? Can you recommend a book, web resource, or individual who might be able to educate me and assist with my ability to give my brother what he needs? I don’t want the fact that I am a very verbal/word-based communicator to keep me from being able to connect with him, but I also honestly don’t know where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.