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Book ruts

Written by Kirsten on June 10th, 2009

We all hit ’em. What do you do to get out of ’em?

I try to pick up a new book I’ve got plenty of cause to believe I’m going to enjoy, usually a sequel to a fluff book I loved (just started The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey to fit that bill), or more often, I head straight for the reliable old favorites and snuggle up with a re-read. Since I started tracking my reading and blogging though, I feel guilty about re-reads! So that eliminates my go-to cure for the book blues.

Do you have a fail-safe plan for jump-starting your reading when nothing you’ve got going is turning you on?


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  1. Meghan says:

    I always go with very, very light fiction. I often struggle to keep going when I’ve been reading a lot of review copies. Most of my ARCs are literary fiction and they burn me out very quickly, so I have to read something that I have chosen for myself to refresh my reading.

  2. Shanra says:

    I actually asked about this not too long ago myself (For a given value of ‘not too long ago’ anyway. ^-~)

    Now, several weeks further, I still don’t have a failsafe ‘cure’ for it. I do try to pick shorter and lighter books, though. Sometimes having something that doesn’t require as much brain power to process is all it takes. If that doesn’t work, though, waiting seems to be the name of the game.

    And don’t feel guilty about rereads! I’m getting all set up to reread a book I read last year in preparation of the (stand-alone!) sequel and feel no guilt. Never mind that I have around 200 books still to read for the first time. ^-~ If it helps you and you enjoy doing it, try to find out why you feel so guilty and work on making it less/vanish. You’re worth that. ^-^

  3. When I get in a book rut, I usually pull out a reread. Generally something where I know that I get completely lost in the world, which helps to remind me of what I love about a good book. My go to recently has been either Twilight or Harry Potter, as I can zoom through both series in a week or two and then I’m charged up for something new!

  4. Nymeth says:

    Re-readings are also what I turn to. I’ve been re-reading less as well since I started blogging, but I keep thinking that I should make more time for it. I miss it.

  5. Kirsten says:

    Welcome, Meghan! The sense of obligation certainly does have an effect on how easy it in to get – and stay – into an ARC, even if it’s something right up our alley, doesn’t it? I wonder if the subtle sense of obligation attached to completing series – which account for a large percentage of my reading – has something to do with my current funk. Hmm, interesting…

    Shanra, good to see you again! You know what? You’re right! Who is going to think less of me? And if it’s no one but me, what gives, self??? Sheesh. Thanks for the much needed “duh” moment.

    Bib, see??? That’s exactly what I want to do! It’s early for an HP re-read, but I’ve been itching. Maybe if I’d been able to find Harry, a History, I could have had a new read with some of the “visiting with old friends” charm of a re-read. Grr, bookstores.

    Nymeth, welcome! I just visited your blog again to refresh my memory (I’ve subscribed to many in the last week or so, and Google reader doesn’t do much to help differentiate visually); you were the one who reviewed Carmen Dog! I can’t wait to pick that up. I also remember your Sunday Salon post that touched on this topic, and thinking that your and Alyce’s idea is a great one. I guess I feel like people don’t want to read in-depth reviews of books they’ve had ample opportunity to read themselves, but I also don’t want to mourn the loss of old fictional friends because I feel obligated (there’s that word again) to accommodate some unwritten rule of blogging or reading challenge etiquette.

    Man, you guys are good; check out that that turnaround time! From guilty to guilt-free in 2.4 minutes ;)

  6. Shanra says:

    Sometimes there’s merit in stating the obvious. ^-~ Glad to hear we’ve helped with the rereading problem, at least! (And be warned Nymeth’s blog. She’s a wonderful person, but your wishlist will explode before the month is past. ^-~)

    As for blogging rules and etiquette… There really is only one of those: make sure you have fun with what you’re doing. ^-~ There’s nothing wrong with asking other opinions or experimenting with new things and ideas, but you’ll burn out and possibly even get into a rut or two if you make blogging a chore.

  7. Kirsten says:

    Ack, another TBR shelf crusher, huh? Like I need another one of those around! :-P It’s the hardest thing I ever do in life, to resist adding every book I think I’ll even remotely enjoy to my wish list. Well, that and saying no to Ben & Jerry’s, but the latter doesn’t hurt the budget (or the bookshelves) nearly as much ;)

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