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Intern at LibraryThing?!?!

Written by Kirsten on June 10th, 2009


Seriously, are they trying to rip my heart out through my chest? Why is it that my favorite website, and thus my dream job, is based out of the city I left only two and a half short years ago?

LibraryThing is looking for an intern

Yes, I’ve already e-mailed Tim. Yes, I know I’m probably going to be disappointed. Yes, I’ll re-tweet and link and forward this far and wide to my peeps back home, so that even if I can’t benefit from the opening, maybe one of them can.

But it hurts. I know that probably sounds ridiculous and melodramatic, but it does. Like, a true, honest to goodness, shortness-of-breath-like-someone-stomped-on-my-lungs, ache.


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  1. Shanra says:

    I hope you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised! ^-^

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