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I’m back!!!

Written by Kirsten on June 24th, 2009

Oh my goodness, what a trip! It was so lovely to see everyone, but so heartbreaking to have to return. I love San Francisco, I really do, and I’ve made some really amazing friends here. That doesn’t stop me from feeling like Portland is home, especially when I’m surrounded by people who clearly care about me and who make no secret of the fact that they’d love to have me around again.

So I’m back at work, trying to get back into the swing of things, trudging through e-mail, and dreading opening my Google Reader. I will truly read the blog of anyone who has commented here, and will likely skim the rest in an effort to control the amount of time spent on catching up.

In the meantime, I absolutely failed at reading on this trip, though I did start Philippa Gregory’s The Queen’s Fool and am really enjoying it so far. What author have you abandoned for a long stretch and realized, “Oh right, I really like his/her work,” when you got reacquainted?


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  1. Excellent question! I have a weird thing where I don’t necessarily fall in love with authors, but with characters. If I love a series, I rarely pick up anything else by that author (example, I love Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, but haven’t read any of her other books). All that was a really long way of saying I have characters who I’ve gone long stretches without and when I pick them back up remember how much I love them. I prime example is Stephanie Plum. I just started a series reread yesterday and it felt like running into an old friend after not seeing them for awhile and picking right back up where you left off. Other characters who make me feel like that are Amelia Peabody, Harry Potter (of course) and Becky Bloomwood, who drives me nuts, but I love her anyway!

  2. Ms_BElla says:

    I love the way your blog is set up! But anyway back to your question! I have done this with many authors, but to name one, mainly Stephen King. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with his writing and need something light and fluffy lol. But then I will look at my shelves and decide to pick up another of his books and remember how much I loved it!

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