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How does your library grow?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

So I’ve been absent for a bit while I’ve worked toward getting situated in my new digs… Last weekend was very productive, but I’ve been putting off – not because of dread, but because of sheer size – the Great Book Reorganization. Which commenced tonight.

I know some of you from LibraryThing, so I can safely assume that you’ve at least cataloged some or all of your collection; outside of that, do you use tags, collections, both, neither? Do these resources inform how your books are physically placed? For those of you not on LibraryThing or another cataloging site (perish the thought!), how are your books organized throughout your home?

My former strategy was very basic – reference together, non-fiction together, adult fiction together, YA/children’s fiction together, all arranged alphabetically by author and then either alphabetically or, in the case of series, chronologically. Now, I’ll probably employ a similar strategy, but the big task is adding tags and collections for my own use, and private comments so I can note which books I no longer own due to the division of the books with my ex. I’ve been rather slack with my cataloging and virtual organizing for some time, so this is a very time-consuming, but very soothing, project, and one which will truly transform my house into a home when it’s complete.