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Romancing your friendship

Written by Kirsten on April 10th, 2010

This was a simple challenge for me, though I hate to spoil part of the story for anyone, soooooo, I’m only going to post the cover here, and will put details of who and why in the comments. If you’ve not read Tipping the Velvet, I recommend you DO read the book, and do NOT yet read the comment(s) on this post! :)


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I immediately thought of Nan and Florence from Tipping the Velvet for kind of a cheesy reason, but… my partner and I met almost five years ago. There was always chemistry, but one thing or another always seemed to be off – the timing was never quite right… UNTIL the end of last year. I had loaned this book to her in the summer, and I reread it in the late fall/winter. We both saw ourselves in Nan and Florence, and in the way their love developed from a platonic friendship, despite the circumstances that seemed to doom the relationship before it even became one. Now, we’re living our own happily-ever-after, and the way our story is mirrored in theirs makes me believe it’s the most beautiful friends to lovers pairing ever :)

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