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Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

To all of the bloggin’ mommas out there, and to my own mom, who encouraged and supported my passion for books and reading, may today be a day full of love and appreciation for all that you do.

Reading is something my mother and I have always had in common; my first grown-up reads, when I was still in elementary school, were her Agatha Christie novels and the occasional Dick Francis, Reader’s Digest condensed books and Janette Oke Christian fiction. One of my mom’s favorite stories to tell is of the day she discovered that I knew how to read. I was three years old and she was reading to me, and decided to ask me what some of the words were. I told her without hesitation. She thought maybe it was because I was so familiar with the book, so she pulled out one I didn’t know. Again, I was able to tell her the words she pointed out. She asked me how long I’d been able to read, and apparently I answered, “Oh mom, I’ve been reading for a long time!” Exactly how long that is in three-year-old terms shall always remain a mystery, but to this day, she gets a kick out of my response.

Do you have a fun mom story to share, reading/book-related or otherwise?